The World and San Angeles

April 7th, 1998, 9:32 am

A massive solar coronal discharge reaches the Earth causing havoc on communications and military satellites around Earth. Armed forces and governments scramble to repair the damage and restore their intelligence networks. The work will consume a sizeable quantity of many nation’s yearly financial budgets, and resets the orbital technology race.

NASA and private aerospace engineering companies receive additional funding for research and exploration into solar phenomena.

December 22nd, 1999

The first reported appearance of a criminal “mutant” organization calling itself “The Underground” makes its presence known by coopting the local broadcast spectrum of the greater San Angeles area. Their demands include reparations for “damages” done to them, and threats to “retake the surface world”. They will continue to make small news from here on.

January 9th, 2000

A giant being made of fire and light calling itself “Sun Child” rampages through the streets of San Angeles. The combined might of the City of Angel’s local heroes, Guardian, Mercury, Rebar, Black Owl, and Dr. Borealis, is barely able to contain the creature, which breaks apart into hundreds of smaller versions of itself. Many of these vanish amidst the chaos of the battle into the sewers and through the population. There are no answers as to its origins or motivations. The investigation is ongoing, although no further developments will be possible without communication or the capture of at least one fragment for study.

September 11th, 2001

An organized set of suicide flights directed at various targets in the United States is intercepted by the Justice League International. The planes fail to strike the World Trade Center towers, its alleged targets. However, notorious Islamic supporters “Jihad” and “Mohammed’s Son” time the attacks as a decoy to attack New York. In the ensuing fight, the Twin Towers are critically damaged, and collapse, causing untold casualties, despite the JLA attempted intervention. It was a dark moment in the history of mankind. Suspicions of foul play and conspiracy stories abound in the news and on the internet.

October 24th, 2004

The notorious villain “Richter” holds the city of San Angeles hostage with the threat of a massive earthquake in exchange for 10 billions dollars. After a tense 48-hour stand off, San Angeles heroes find themselves unable to stop Richter. Acting on his threat, Richter detonates seven high-vibration explosives with the limits of the city of San Angeles, causing a devastating localized earthquake. An area approximately 9 miles in diameter is subjected to 128 seconds of tremors, measuring between 6.5 and 8.2 on the Richter scale. All of the Downtown district, East San Angeles, Central San Angeles, and parts of Hollywood experience catastrophic damage to its infrastructure and tremendous loss of life.

San Angeles is declared a disaster area and receives immediate assistance. Heroes from Coast City, Freedom City, Gateway City, San Francisco, Metropolis, Canada, and Mexico, all cooperate in the immediate rescue effort and medical triage. Justice League of America and Europe both contribute assistance for repairs and reconstruction, as well as emergency relief.

A new hero team makes it debut as “Construction, Inc.” Consisting of “building crew” themed meta-humans, Construction, Inc. is ideally suited to the occasion, able to provide spot support and rescue operations. The members of Construction, Inc. are Rebar, Brick, Mercury, and Nails.

Federal and state support for repair and reconstruction of the city is planned for the foreseeable future, with at least a 20 year effort.

Memorial services for all citizens are conducted through the ensuing weeks, and the whole nation mourns the senseless loss of life.

February 3rd, 2006

The first recorded appearance of San Angeles’ newest hero, Seraph, occurs on this day. News team crews capture footage of a winged angelic figure fighting otherworldly monsters in the Signal Hill area. Later reports and interview reveal that his figure calls itself “Seraph”. He claims to be an “angel”, come down from the divine dimensions as a protector of mankind, sent to Earth during these times as a special envoy.

San Angeles will benefit from Seraph’s protection and support, as well as “divine” knowledge, on numerous occasions.

January 12th, 2007

The port of Long Beach, San Angeles, witnesses its first shipment of the international meta-drug PANDORA. Within weeks, PANDORA’s effects manifest among the poorer segments of the population, those who are vulnerable to its depredations. Black Owl actively investigates the situation, revealing PANDORA to be a combination of nanotech and mystic arts. His research leads directly to an organization calling itself SHADOW, operating from various locations throughout the south western US, and north western American continent. While the initial incursions of SHADOW were stopped, the proliferation of PANDORA continues.


A techno-mystic infusion of nanotechnology and black sorcery, PANDORA causes a euphoric high with feelings of invincibility and superiority, while boosting an organism with high resilience, high strength, heightened reflexes, and an unpredictable form of mystical elemental manifestation, frequently taking the shape of fire, ice, or earth-based meta-human powers. The effect of the drug lasts from two to six hours.

After the drug wears off, the subject remains lethargic for about 12 hours. The substance is highly addictive and causes distress and painful withdrawal symptoms after repeated use.

Additional symptoms have also demonstrated acute disfigurement from long-term use. Subjects who regularly use the chemical demonstrate genetic modifications of an unknown nature, which alters the recombinant DNA sequencing patterns, replacing them with specific non-human structures that attempt to fit into a human body. The result is frequently lethal, with early subjects in study euthanized for humanitarian reasons. The few rare survivors can best be described as “horribly disfigured but highly intelligent”.

September 29th, 2009

A mystical group calling itself “The Scions of the Sun Child” commits robberies at JPL and at various branches of Ratheon. TransCorp, internationally known for its high-technology transport designs and construction, also becomes a target, having a number of their orbital launch vehicle blue prints stolen in daring daylight raids to their facilities.

In each instance, a hooded and caped figure calling itself “Big Brother” led a group of Sun Children to commit the robberies, escaping while the Sun Children prevented pursuit.

June 14th, 2011

The beaches of Santa Monica become the staging ground of an invasion. The “Armies of the 7th Deep”, a previously unknown aquatic civilization, consisting of highly advanced humanoid energy beings, rises up against the western shores of the United States. The 7th Deep fights multiple fronts, from south Oregon to San Diego. Some of the fiercest fighting occurs across the streets of Santa Monica, with Guardian becoming instrumental in stopping the advance of the sea creatures.
After establishing communication with its leaders, the “Elders of the Deep”, an armistice is reached, pending on the condition that the United States Navy is to cease its deep ocean exploration activities. After further discussion and discovery, highly illegal activity within US Defense organizations is revealed to the public. Rogue naval operations included illegal dumping of radioactive material, genetic experimentation on human mutations, and the development of underwater weapons and technology research laboratories.

The involvement of SHADOW in these matters is suspected, but no corroborating evidence ever comes to light. Under the supervision of the Justice League, the underwater operations on the western seaboard are stopped, and the laboratories scrapped.

October 26th, 2013

A number of small jewel heists coincide with the theft of high-voltage power lines and equipment. First responders and witnesses all agree that the thefts were committed with a group of small and highly resourceful miniature robots. Within two weeks, the city experiences a pandemic of thefts, some in broad daylight and daringly direct, targeting power stations, technology companies, and jewelry depots. Large numbers of these little “clockwork robots” are destroyed, and many are captured for study. Their construction is beyond reality. Mechanically sound, but having no power source or computer guidance systems, the machines should not be working. However, their highly intelligent and strongly organized actions clearly indicate a higher plan or programmed instructions.

The “clockwork”, as they are colloquially known, have become a common sight in the city of San Angeles, steadily eroding its structural and electrical infrastructure. Other than actually destroying them, no further means of stopping them is available. Most of their activity consists of replicating themselves with the pieces they steal, and when overwhelmed they respond by escaping as quickly as possible taking advantage of their smaller size. No information as to their motivations or true source has yet been found.

March 9th, 2014

The San Angeles sky turns deep green for 32 minutes. A storm front of hurricane strength builds over the Pacific Ocean in the span of 14 minutes. It approaches the city from the southwest but does not reach populated areas. Satellite images taken from low-earth orbit reveal the presence of a flying fortress in the eye of the hurricane. Guardian and Seraph are the first to approach the hurricane, but are prevented from investigating fully by the force of the winds they encounter.

The storm front dissipates as quickly as it appeared. No further information is available at the moment. Investigations are currently ongoing.

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The World and San Angeles

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