San Angeles - Thematic Background

This is the city of San Angeles, in the year of 2014.

The city is not what it was, nor is it what anyone expected it to be. Ever since the devastating attack of 2007, the city has found itself the center of a massive expansion of culture, technology, and the presence of super-powered individuals.

Partly due to the contributions of “Construction, Inc.”, the city’s ability to respond to disaster, repair and rebuild, has been extraordinary. Downtown is unrecognizable, and it’s never looked better. The outlying areas have been rebuilt, and its population returned. The presence of Star Labs, and the contributions of LexCorp have been boons to the local economy, furnishing the funds for the renovations of the Long Beach docks and piers, as well as the new Union Station high-speed terminal of the Trans-Americana Corporation bullet train.

Many cities in the United States of America would like the honor of having super-heroes call them their homes. Metropolis has Superman, Gotham has Batman, Coast City has Green Lantern. And San Angeles? Well, let’s just say that San Angeles has a number of heroes to its name, some of which are as extraordinary as the city itself.

To begin, who can talk about San Angeles without mentioning “Guardian”, the city’s foremost hero, millionaire Timothy Craig and his Guardian suit. Active in San Angeles since 2003, Guardian has been instrumental in foiling crime at all scales, from small crooks and purse snatchers, to the infamous Santa Monica seaside invasion of the Armies of the 7th Deep. And who can forget his team-up with Black Owl and The Thunderer when the armies of the Renaissance were conspiring to strip all of the ports of their metal? The trio defeated one of the Renaissance King’s greatest threats, the Tesla Robot.

And how can anyone forget the ever-present Seraph, a self-described “angel”, brought to Earth, to protect its people and its safety. Seraph can be seen flying over the city at various times, keeping a watchful eye.

And no discussion of San Angeles heroes can be complete without the contributions of Black Owl. Trained by the greatest masters in personal combat, and even partnering with Batman himself, Black Owl is to San Angeles what Nightwing is to Bludhaven, a watchful eye on the streets of San Angeles, a dedicated city physician, highly aware of the pulse of the city’s night life and its less savory streets.

Of course, the city’s fate, and current face would not have been possible without Construction, Inc. This team of highly dedicated heroes is comprised of Rebar, powerhouse of metal and mayhem; Granite, solid strength and solid stone, unshakeable by any means; Mercury, speed and lighting reflexes, San Angeles’ very own speedster. And, of course, Nails, or Aby, as she’s more commonly known, highly trained in weaponry and tactics, leading the team in a fight, and in the business of construction. She’s as deadly in a fight as she’s charmingly beautiful, and, just as handy with a nail gun. Sorry, boys, but she’s not giving out her number anytime soon.

And, last but not least, The Thunderer, a man of great spirit. Able to call on the animal totems of the natives of the Americas, The Thunderer channels the power of “Bear” through his body, making him stronger, faster, and more ferocious, than any other man in the city. Thunderer is a self-styled protector of the mountains and forests of the city, always present when anything threatens to destroy nature and its fragile balance.

The city of San Angeles has seen its share of notorious criminal organizations and unique personalities. The most common subjects of discussion are usually “The Underground”. A closed group of people with strange powers and disfigurements, rumored to live the abandoned shafts of the city’s subway tunnels. It is known they come out to the surface on occasion, for their own agenda, and are often the source of many crimes and kidnappings.

And further to the south-west, the activities of the “Keepers of the Black Library”, a group self-proclaimed witches and warlocks, seem to keep the local police forces, and the local E.W.O. teams (Enhanced Weapons Operations), equally busy. Fortunately, they can count on the support of Guardian for special cases.

Among other threats in the city are, of course, the local gangs and common criminal organizations. Aided by the profits of illegal narcotics trade, and, more recently, the appearance of the new designer drug, PANDORA, the local gangs find themselves in the unique position of being able to field super-powered members for extraordinary crime sprees in the city, stretching the already limited law enforcement resources thin, and straining criminal act insurance budgets through the roof.

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San Angeles - Thematic Background

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