San Angeles Campaign - Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Rules

Game Description

This is a super hero RPG game, with both episodic and sequential story format. The game plays out in a modified form of the DC Universe, in the fictional city of San Angeles. San Angeles is an altered version of Los Angeles, with its own history and heroic figures.

The player characters make their lives and heroic impact in the city of San Angeles, and the majority of events will play out in the boundaries of the city, or at least in close vicinity to it.


All new characters are to be built to Power Level 10, 150 power points per character. All possible origins, much like in the comics, are possible, along with the great variety of power concepts that such openness may bring.

All characters need to be approved by the Game Master before joining the game.

Suggested character concepts should follow the basic premise of super-heroism at its “positive” side (paragons and defenders of good), not the negative side (vigilantes and seekers of vengeance). This does not mean you must have a “boy scout” attitude, but it does mean you should not condone wanton murder as a means of promoting “justice”.

In short, no “Punisher” or “Deadpool” characters, no assassins, or cold-blooded killers. You’re supposed to be the “Good Guys”.

Team Considerations

All characters should be able to work together as a team, at least for the short term. Coming together as a “super-team”, building bases, public relations, and other such “team” endeavors, can be discussed ahead of time, or during the game “in character”.

Game Theme

The San Angeles Campaign will feature a mix of sessions, from the traditional “simple robberies and nefarious plans” challenges, to the more subtle “conquest and revenge” plans, to large scale fights and battle in defense of the entire city or even the western seaboard.

There will be the additional entries of the “bizarre and unusual”, which will feature specialized challenges in “non-traditional” topics and motivations. If you have ever read the later incarnations of “The Doom Patrol” you may understand what this represents.

Finally, the campaign will feature a distinctive “mystic” element, so characters may benefit from knowledge or expertise of mystical topics, although such is not strictly required.

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San Angeles Campaign - Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Rules

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